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Sabre Combined Optical Smoke/Heat/Sounder Base detector

Product code: CHSASHSPRO
Catalogue page: 294

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The Channel Multipoint ASD detectors are a plug-in type smoke detector that utilises a photo-electric sensing chamber to make a measurement corresponding to smoke density.

The device also incorporates a thermistor sensing circuit to allow for accurate heat measurement. These elements allow the device to be confi gured to a smoke, heat or combined setting. This device is only compatible with the Sabre Pro control panels (and their associated detection and alarm equipment) and may also incorporate a sounder beacon.

To ensure the detection capabilities of the detectors are never compromised they self-calibrate every 6 hours. They also continuously monitor for dust contamination until, depending on the environment, it reaches a point where the chamber becomes saturated. Before this can develop into a false alarm situation, the panel will indicate that the device in question requires attention.


  • 3 smoke detection modes
  • 3 heat detection modes - 2 fi xed, 1 rate-of-rise
  • Combination standard heat or smoke mode
  • When the detector head is removed, a base mounted LED fl ashes allowing users to easily identify which head is missing even from considerable distance, e.g. in a high-ceiling building
  • The Multipoint ASD detector incorporates a new advanced optical chamber for enhanced smoke detection
  • Flexible options/modes of fi re detection
  • Optional built-in sounder or sounder/strobe in a single device
  • Self-calibration every 6 hours
  • Continuous monitoring for dust contamination
  • Economical, disposable optical chamber for easy replacement

  • Operating Temperature: -10° C to +50° C
  • Voltage Range 18 to 32V DC
  • Operating Current Quiescent - 109uA End of line ON if applicable - +50μA
  • (No strobe version) Alarm sounding - sounder high - 8.03mA | Alarm sounding - sounder low - 2.46mA |

  • Alarm sounding - sounder off - 143μA | Alarm activated - 15.54mA

    (Strobe version) Alarm sounding - sounder high - 10.54mA | Alarm sounding - sounder low - 4.92mA | Alarm sounding - sounder off - 2.58mA | Alarm activated - 17.92mA

  • Loading Max loading units per zone - 160 DLU
  • (No strobe version) Sounder high - 8.0 DLU | Sounder low - 2.5 DLU | No sounder - 0.5 DLU

    (Strobe version) Sounder high - 10.5 DLU | Sounder low - 5.0 DLU | No sounder - 3.0 DLU

  • Flammability: UL94-V2
  • LED Operation Detector in normal state (smoke) - fl ash at 20 second intervals
  • Detector in normal state (heat) - double fl ash at 20 second intervals. Detector at EOL - fl ash at 5 second intervals. Detector in fault - fl ash at 1.3 second intervals. Detector detecting fi re - fl ash at 0.7 seconds intervals.Detector in fi re (once processed at panel) - continuous.
  • IP Rating IP21C
  • Volume Level (@ 1m anechonic, dual tone) Sounder high - 90+dB(A) Sounder low - 70+dB(A)
    • Code: CHSASHSPRO
    • Page Number in Catalogue: 294

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