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De'Longhi 'Pinguino' PAC AN97 REAL FEEL Air Conditioning Unit

Product code: DE27LED
Catalogue page: 276

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What Makes the PAC AN97 Real Feel Special?

De’Longhi’s unique Real Feel technology combines readings of both humidity and temperature to create an environment which is optimised for work or play. Humidity actually alters our perception of temperature and an uncomfortably hot environment is due to both temperature and humidity.

For example, if the temperature is 41 degrees and the humidity is 20%, humans will perceive the temperature to actually be 45 degrees. Here is the temperate UK, it is more likely that we will experience temperatures of 25 degrees, with a humidity of 80%. Together these create a perceived equivalent temperature of an uncomfortable 34 degrees - akin to a tropical rainforest!

People feel most comfortable in a small window of temperature and humidity readings (please see our graph below).

The Pinguino PAC AN97 Real Feel works gently and constantly keep your room temperature and air quality within this window. In contrast, everyday air conditioners will simply cool the air in a linear fashion - resulting in blasts of cold, drying air and the annoying switching on and off of the unit as it keeps your room’s temperature at a simple thermostat set point. 

What’s even better is that the unit does all the work for you - simply press the Real Feel button and a light on the LED display will show orange, green or blue to indicate the current comfort of your room. (Orange is for discomfort, Green for acceptable and Blue for Optimal comfort.) The Pinguino PAC AN97 Real Feel will work to get - and keep - your room in the Green Zone - a process described as  “one-touch intelligent wellness” by the technologists at De’Longhi.

Finally, we love the look of the Pinguino AN97 - the subtle baby blue panel and streamlined looks make this a unit suitable for showing off and it won't look out of place in office receptions or a boardroom.

As with all De'Longhi Pinguinos, we are delighted to offer a long, two-year warranty.

What else do I need to know?

This air conditioner is suitable for cooling and creating air comfort in rooms of up to 95 cubic metres  - that would be a large sitting room or a commercial office. 

The De’Longhi PAC AN97 Real Feel is a powerful unit with a cooling capacity of 2.7 KW or 10,500 BTU) and is energy rated “A”. The air conditioner has three fan speeds and, on moderate days, you can use the unit simply as a fan. Dehumidifying functionality is included with the unit, so you'll be improving your air quality as you cool.

  • The PAC AN97 Real Feel air conditioner (weighs 30Kg)Window bracket
  • Air exhaust hose (130mm diameter x 1200mm length)
  • Manual
  • R290 propane gas: natural refrigerant gas, non-toxic, eco-friendly and offering also energy savings.
  • REAL FEEL TECHNOLOGY: unique De’ Longhi technology, enabling PAC to act AUTOMATICALLY on temperature and relative humidity simultaneously, to reach optimal comfort and keep it over time. 
  • Fan function and a Dehumidifying function. 
  • Exclusive condensate recirculation system. 
  • 3 fan speed to have the maximum power or the minimum noise level. 
  • New LED control panel, featuring dedicated CLI – Comfort Light Indicator - system. 
  • Remote control allows an easy use of all the features of the appliance. 
  • 24 h electronic timer and thermostat. 
  • Handles and castors for easy transportation.

 NB: Window Kits can be purchased separately from Delonghi                  

Maximum cooling capacity BTU/H* 11,000 2,9
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) (WW) 3,1
For rooms up to m3 110
Refrigerant gas R290
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Rated Voltage - frequency V~Hz 220-240~50
Input Power** W 950
Maximum sound power level dB(A) 63
Noise pressure level (min-max) dB(A) 47-50
Airflow (min-med-max) m3/h 250-310-350
Max dehumidifying quotient (dehum. mode) I/24h 41
Dimensions (HXLXD) mm 750x449x395
Weight KG 30
  • Code: DE27LED
  • Page Number in Catalogue: 276

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