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As a leading player in the field of safety and lighting, Smartwares® makes its products accessible, affordable and easy to use. 

Imagine after a long day returning home to a well-lit, warm safe home all controlled via an app at the swipe of your finger through your smartphone. Smartwares® basic range offer convenience for the whole family, from smart lighting control to adjusting the heating before you get through the door! 


With Smartwares® smart-home devices you can control all connected switches and plugged in appliances with their HomeWizard Lite app via your smartphone.


You will need the Smart home Controller System; Product code SMA4WS to get you started. This kit acts as a hub to all your other devices/appliances and also connects to your WiFi enabling smartphone connectivity and control over the internet, via the HomeWizard App.


Wherever you are - home, office or abroad Smartwares® tech lets you take control for peace of mind.


  • QVS Direct.SMA4WS

    Smarthome Control System

    SMA4WS ...

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  • QVS Direct SMACS1000

    1000W Remote Controlled Ceiling Switch Receiver

    SMACS1000 ...

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  • 3x Remote Control Socket Set with Controller

    3x Remote Control Socket Set with Controller

    SMARCS3 ...

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  • Smart Home 3 Channel Wireless Outdoor Switching Box

    Smart Home 3 Channel Wireless Outdoor Switching Box

    SMA3SB4 ...

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