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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be used in a wide variety of ways, and here at QVS Direct we have a huge selection of outside light fixtures for just about every application you can think of. Whether you’re installing lighting so you can sit outside in the garden, to illuminate a pathway, or improve security, we have everything you need and more.

Browse our fantastic range of outdoor light fittings, including outdoor bollard lights, solar lighting, wall lights, floodlights, pond lighting, emergency lighting, sensor lights, and much more, all available in various styles and designs to suit any garden or outside area. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, our outdoor light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, with different wattages, colour temperatures and lumen outputs available depending on your requirements. Our outdoor lighting is IP rated where necessary so you know where it can and can’t be used outside. Shop online today and get superb prices across all of our outside lighting, plus free delivery when you spend £45.

All Outdoor Lighting

A selection of outdoor lighting for gardens, exterior walls, patios, driveways, decking and more. IP rated lanterns, bulkheads, spike....
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Outdoor Bollard Lights

If you want to bring a little extra light into your garden or have an outdoor area that needs illuminating, then bollard lights are....
View All Outdoor Bollard Lights

Outdoor Brick Lights

For a stunning lighting effect that won’t take up any extra room, you can’t beat our fantastic outdoor brick lights. Easy....
View All Outdoor Brick Lights

Outdoor Bulkheads

Whether at home or for a commercial property, outdoor bulkhead lights can provide a stylish and functional way of providing illumination.....
View All Outdoor Bulkheads

Outdoor Downlights

For an eye-catching lighting effect in your garden, outdoor downlights are a superb choice, and here at QVS Direct, we have a fantastic....
View All Outdoor Downlights

Outdoor Floodlights

Security is of utmost importance for any property, residential or commercial, so if you want to improve the lighting around any part....
View All Outdoor Floodlights

Outdoor Garden Lights

Find Outdoor Garden Lights for your garden with our Outdoor Garden Lighting range including garden spike lights, garden spotlights....
View All Outdoor Garden Lights

Outdoor Globe Lights

Exterior globe lights are a very popular and effective way of illuminating your garden, pathways or any other outdoor area. It’s....
View All Outdoor Globe Lights

Outdoor Lantern Lights

For a stylish and effective way of lighting your garden or outdoor area, exterior lantern lights are a great choice, and here at QVS....
View All Outdoor Lantern Lights

Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED lighting is becoming more and more fashionable and widely used, and there are numerous reasons why. LED outside lights....
View All Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor Party Lights

Is your garden or outdoor space looking a little drab? If so, then you can get in the party mood with our fantastic selection of outdoor....
View All Outdoor Party Lights

Outdoor Pedestal Lights

Outdoor pedestal lights are a superb way of effectively lighting your garden or exterior space, and here at QVS Direct, we have a great....
View All Outdoor Pedestal Lights

Outdoor Plug & Play Lights

If you are a keen D.I.Y'er, then you will love our easy to install Plug & Play lighting range. Turn your garden into a stylish....
View All Outdoor Plug & Play Lights

Outdoor Pond Lighting

Ponds are a wonderful feature to have in any garden, but to really make them stand out, you need the right pond lights. Here at QVS....
View All Outdoor Pond Lighting

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights are a superb way of lighting any outdoor area, whether it’s a garden, driveway, park, or any other external....
View All Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor Decking Ground Lights

Having decking in your garden can look fantastic, but if you really want to take it to the next level, then definitely consider installing....
View All Outdoor Decking Ground Lights

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Browse our collection of outdoor solar lighting including outdoor solar floodlights, outdoor solar decking lights and more at great....
View All Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor Spike Lights

Looking for a quick and easy way to light your garden? Outdoor spike lights could be just what you’re after. Simply plunge the....
View All Outdoor Spike Lights

Outdoor Spotlights

Whether you want to bring a little extra light into your garden, improve safety and security around your property, or just want to....
View All Outdoor Spotlights

Outdoor Transformers / Spares

Shop a selection of low voltage outdoor transformers and find just what you need to step up or step down voltages as required in your....
View All Outdoor Transformers / Spares

Outdoor Uplighters

If you want something really eye-catching for your garden or the outside of your home or property, then it’s well worth considering....
View All Outdoor Uplighters

Outdoor Wall Lights

Ensure more effective and efficient lighting for the outside of your property with our fantastic selection of outdoor wall lights and....
View All Outdoor Wall Lights
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