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Air Purifiers Can Help Prevent Migraines


Take the “pain” out of Migraines!

If you are a sufferer then you will know how debilitating migraines can be, but did you know that it could be the air in your environment, either at work or at home that is causing them?

That’s where Air Purifiers can help. If you feel like you have tried everything but with little success, then why not consider an Air Purifier from Air Con Hut? If your migraine is triggered by substances in the air of your surrounding environment,  an Air Purifier can help alleviate the problem by eliminating a potentially major irritant of your pain.

Scent and strong fragrances can often be a trigger and one that can be hard to avoid in many situations, as it is often the result of someone around us.  Research indicates that scent induced headaches are a reaction of blood vessels in your nasal passage caused by the offending scent – this affects our circulation, which eventually brings on a headache. For scent induced headaches or migraines we recommend an Air Purifier with a carbon filter. The active carbon filter is highly absorbent, trapping any strong odours, gases and large dust particles in the air which cause your air to smell stale.

However if the trigger for your headaches is mostly from breathing indoor allergens such as dust and mould spores then we recommend an Air Purifier with a high efficiency filter like an  Air Purifier with a HEPA filter and ioniser . Chronic head pressure brought on by nasal allergies and sinus congestion can be helped significantly just by introducing an Air Purifier with a HEPA filter and ioniser to your environment, as it reduces both strong odours and potentially headache triggering dust and pollen particles. Even if you are not quite sure what triggers your headaches, these type of Air Purifiers make a great solution as they will eliminate most airborne triggers.

If you are suffering from these types of migraines then why not consider an Air Purifier from the Delonghi range at Air Con Hut?

Delonghi have developed a range of intelligent and stylish Air Purifiers suitable for varying room sizes of up 40 meters squared. The Delonghi Air Purifiers can even monitor the quality of the air in your room. Delonghi models AC150 & AC230 have a visual colour indicator – orange for poor, green for moderate and blue for optimal air quality, so you can visibly see the quality of your air improving. The Delonghi Air Purifier range also have a multi-stage filtration sensor system, which improves air quality by removing particles large and small. The multi-level filtration system can remove things like pet hair, human hair and dander, invisable dust and gases, smoke and odours. At Air Con Hut prices start from just £159.00.

Tired of the pain? Then this could be just what you need to aid in the prevention of your environmentally caused headaches and migraines. Browse our range of Air Purifiers at Air Con Hut now, by clicking here - Take me to the range at Air Con Hut.

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