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Outdoor Lighting

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A selection of outdoor lighting for gardens, exterior walls, patios, driveways, decking and more. IP rated lanterns, bulkheads, spike lights, bollards, floodlights and decking lights are all available here for outdoor use.

Outdoor Bollard Lights

A selection of IP rated, outdoor bollard lights, available in finishes such as stainless steel and black aluminium, with some fittings....
View All Outdoor Bollard Lights

Outdoor Brick Lights

A range of IP rated, outdoor brick lights with recessed, grill, modern and simple styles available from 1W-60W, with solar and LED....
View All Outdoor Brick Lights

Outdoor Bulkheads

A selection of outdoor, 9W-100W, IP rated, outdoor bulkhead lights. Simple and modern designs available including, "eyelid" and projecting.
View All Outdoor Bulkheads

Outdoor Downlights

Downlighting in styles including bulkheads and projecting wall lights. Finishes include, polycarbonate or steel and most fittings utilise....
View All Outdoor Downlights

Outdoor Floodlights

A range of single or twin, outdoor, halide, sodium and flourescent floodlights in a variety of finishes, including black and white....
View All Outdoor Floodlights

Outdoor Globe Lights

Outdoor globe lights in a variety of finishes including smoked and opal glass. Simple or decorative fittings, as well as brackets and....
View All Outdoor Globe Lights

Outdoor Lantern Lights

A range of outdoor, IP rated lanterns, both traditional and modern, standing and wall mounted, in a variety of finishes including black....
View All Outdoor Lantern Lights

Outdoor LED Lights

LED lighting is ideally suited to outdoor lighting as it is cost efficient and cool running. View our vast range of LED outdoor lighting....
View All Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor Party Lights

A selection of outdoor party lights including festoon lighting, fairy lights, solar party lights and more. All products are suitable....
View All Outdoor Party Lights

Outdoor Pedestal Lights

A variety of IP rated, outdoor pedestal lights. Modern and traditional, lantern and bollard styles in a range of finishes including....
View All Outdoor Pedestal Lights

Outdoor Plug & Play Lights

A range of easy to install, outdoor, 12V, recessed, wall mounted and spike lights utilising halogen or LED bulbs, in a range of finishes.
View All Outdoor Plug & Play Lights

Outdoor Pond Lighting

A full featured category of pond lighting including all submersible, ground, spike and decorative lights to suit all need in and around....
View All Outdoor Pond Lighting

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights, including solar powered, plug and play and low, 12V fittings in a variety of styles and finishes, such as black....
View All Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor Decking Ground Lights

Outdoor, IP, recessed ground lights, with LED or halogen bulbs and in finishes such as stainless steel, with bulb options including....
View All Outdoor Decking Ground Lights

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Browse our collection of outdoor solar lighting including outdoor solar floodlights, outdoor solar decking lights and more at great....
View All Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor Spike Lights

A range of IP rated, outdoor spike lights including solar powered and 12V plug and play fittings, with bulbs including white or coloured....
View All Outdoor Spike Lights

Outdoor Spotlights

IP rated, outdoor spotlights, including lights from the 12V, plug and play range. Finishes include stainless steel and fittings utilise....
View All Outdoor Spotlights

Outdoor Transformers / Spares

A selection of IP rated, outdoor transformers and spares including, LED drivers, wireless receivers and plug and play accessories,....
View All Outdoor Transformers / Spares

Outdoor Uplighters

IP rated, outdoor, wall mounted uplighters in finishes such as stainless steel, utilising halogen or LED bulbs. Some fittings also....
View All Outdoor Uplighters

Outdoor Wall Lights

QVS stock a large range of outdoor wall lights in a variety of styles and finishes to suit every need. Bulkheads, lanterns, uplighters....
View All Outdoor Wall Lights
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